Dr. Caedmon Blakesworth

"It is a bloody job, but someone has to do it. If not us, then who?"


Caedmon is a gracefully built man of average height and weight, with a round but meager face and deep-set blue eyes. He possesses a rather pale complexion and got brownish hair that is cut short in military fashion. His face is marked with a small cyan tattoo in the shape of a diamond over his left eyebrow.

Caedmon is usually very sensible dressed in stylish (albeit sometimes old fashioned) clothes in blue, grey or brown. He’s rarely seen outside without being clad in his trusty grey woolen coat and his doctors bag.

His hyper-intelligent manner sometimes gives the feeling that he is ignorant, possibly rude while at the same time being extremely polite. He rarely thinks before he speaks and his remarks are often seasoned with a healthy dose of irony, satire or lengthy medical anecdotes.


Caedmon Blakesworth- or rather, Doctor Caedmon Victor Arcturus Sinster of Blakesworth, if his full name is to be used, is the resident house-surgeon at the Law and Order Division of the British Council. His formal assignments are that of a forensic a technician in the SIU, although that’s never stopped him from taking the role of a physician when needed.

Caedmon hails from the notorious family of Sinster-Blakesworth, a group of magically aware humans whose research and scientifically powers have brought them a place within the magical world, and even given the head of the family, Sir Winston Sinster, a seat on the Lower Council.

Even though Caedmon immensely enjoys to brag about not being a mage and rather a regular human, that is far from the truth. Essentially he’s a surgically altered mutant which are able to, with the help of transplanted organs and nervous systems, produce electricity. Although one might jokingly compare him to an electric eel, it is not as far fetched as it first might seem. His body is, just as the fish (and they really are fish, not actual eels) are stacked with electricty-producing organ and cells, known as electrolytes. This modification makes him a lethal combatant, who can disable enemies with single blows or manipulate them into favorable position using electric signals to essentially hijack their bodies.

Dr. Caedmon Blakesworth

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