Ismira Williams

"I'm just not used to work with the Terrorists."


Ismira Williams is a relatively short, but very fit woman with a heart shaped face. Her blond hair is always kept in a strict bun.

She is usually clad in casual clothes mixed up with items which gives away her military experience. She is frequently seen in a beige t-shirt with the logo of the Royal Army Medical Corps, a snake surrounded by a laurel. Another signature possession is her medic backpack, complete with a Red Cross patch.

Ismira is usually very friendly and polite, a manner which hides her grizzled inner self. She has proved herself during three tours of duty down in Afghanistan, where she acquired confidence, several medals and a nasty set of PTSD’s.


Ismira was born as Emma Williams, to a family of middle-class eastenders in London. Her magical abilities showed early in her life, but since no other relative had such a gift, her childhood quickly became troublesome. Her family was not magically-aware per say, but they did know that some relatives had claimed some strange things in the past. Ismiras attempts to talk about her anomaly was ignored. not surprisingly, her connection to the sea had always been strong and when she graduated she started to study marine biology. However, due to some troubles and a identity crisis she quit her studies only a few months in.

After some time loitering about she joined the army, and for the first time she felt like she belonged truly somewhere. She trained as a combat medic and later took several tours to Afghanistan. It was during her third tour she met Caedmon (by then known as Lieutenant Victor Blakesworth). He recognized her as a mage and initiated her in the magical world. She was later offered a place in the Councils British Special Investigations Unit, a job which she took.

Ismira Williams

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