Grammaton cleric, fire mage, head of the Special Investigations Unit


Nymphadora is both infamous, feared and (albeit only by a few) admired by the magic community. There are few that are aware of the council or oppose them that haven’t heard her name and the amount of ashes she leaves behind.
Her body is full of scars from her battles, most noticeable is the burn scar that cover her left eye and the slash over her right. The slash scar glows red when she uses her magic and she’s partially blind on it. She’s got long red hair and usually wear casual clothing, a red leather jacket, t-shirt and some jeans.
She tends to be somewhat sarcastic and even mean at times, but she struggles daily to be a better person.


She’s a fire mage that have been trained since she was five years old. Fire comes to her as easy as breathing. It’s a part of her and not always in a good way.
Her magic is very tied to her emotions. If she gets upset, scared or use fire under a prolonged time or at a large scale can sweep her away as if it was a drug and she looses control.
She has been through a lot in her 27 years in terms of loss and pain. The council is her life now, not that she’s specifically loyal to them in particular, but for the cause she fights for.
She’s in charge of the Investigations Unit at the London Council and lead a team that does almost exclusively field duty.
She’s also in charge of recruiting and training new prospects to the cause of the council.


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